Which formats should I choose?

Flash (SWF) Format:
The Flash format of our tutorials is what we've always provided, since 2005. They are suitable for displaying on websites, and providing links to them in emails and live chat sessions. They are much smaller than video (mp4) in terms of file size, which means they load much faster. They are your best choice if you want to display your tutorials on a website, but they are not supported by YouTube, or devices that don't support Flash. DemoWolf Flash Tutorials are available in Standard (non-voice, or silent) versions, or Voice (with audio narration) versions. Flash tutorials will be branded with your company logo in the first and last frame of every tutorial.

All of our tutorials can be previewed in SWF format on the Hosting Tutorials page. Simply click the icon next to a series title for a complete list of the tutorials in the series.
Video (MP4) Format:
The Video (or mp4) format is a new format for us. Beginning in August 2011 all DemoWolf tutorials are also available in video/mp4 formats. They are suitable for uploading to YouTube, or displaying on devices that do not support Flash (like iPhones and iPads). With YouTube becoming more of an integral part of social networking, more and more companies are creating YouTube "video channels" and can now upload these Video Tutorials to those channels. DemoWolf Video Tutorials are also available in both Standard (non-voice, or silent) or Voice (with audio narration) versions. Video tutorials will be branded with your company logo in the first and last scene of every tutorial.

View/Download a sample MP4 file.
Text/Image Format:
Beginning in August 2011, all DemoWolf tutorials are also available in Text/Image format. The Text/Image format is also new to DemoWolf. They are suitable for integrating into knowledgebase or other help-based systems, and provide another way for customers to get the help they need. Tutorials are clearly presented with text, and supported by images showing where and what to click, type, etc. They are a great way to populate your knowledgebase articles, and are generally thought to be better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)... a good complement to the Flash tutorials format, but not meant to replace them. All images in these text-based tutorials will be branded with your company logo as a watermark.

Click here for an example of a tutorial that has been converted to the Text/Image format.

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