SmarterMail 9 series

3. How to write an email message in SmarterMail

This tutorial will show you how to write an email in SmarterMail, and assumes you are already logged in.

1) Hover over the write email icon...

2) Then click Message

3) You can either type in the email address, or select it from your contact list by clicking "To".

You can send a copy (CC) of your email to another address...

You can also send a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) if you want them to receive a copy but not have the other recipients know about them

4) Now enter the subject

5) Then type your message here

You can format the content of your message in bold, underline, or italics, and set the font name, size and color using the buttons in this toolbar.

6) When you are ready, click the Send button

7) You can view your sent message by going to your Sent Items folder

Our message is saved in this folder automatically and displayed in the far right pane

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to write an email message in SmarterMail