LinkedIn series

1. How to create an account on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site. Before you can use LinkedIn, you first must sign up, so let's see how to create an account.

Start by navigating to in your web browser.

Enter your first and last name.

Type your e-mail address.

Choose a secure password, then click Join Now.

Select if you are employed, looking for work, a student, etc.

Choose your country and enter your ZIP code.

If you selected Employed in the first option, you will be asked to enter your company and job title here.

Click Create my Profile.

This page lets you search for your friends that are already on LinkedIn using your e-mail contacts. We'll see how to do this in a later tutorial.

To complete the sign up process, you will need to verify your e-mail address.

Click this button to confirm.

Enter the information you use to log in to your e-mail account.

Click Allow to give LinkedIn permission to access your e-mail account and contacts.

On this page, you can invite colleagues and friends to connect on LinkedIn.

For the last step, select the plan you want to use. Basic is free and should be fine in many cases.

This is the end of the tutorial. Watch the other videos in this series to learn how to use many of the features available to you on LinkedIn.