Joomla CMS series

1. How to use the Section Manager in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in to your Joomla admin panel

Articles are organized into sections and categories in Joomla. Sections are the top level of organization

1) Click Content

2) Then go to Section Manager

On this page, you can publish, unpublish, copy or delete sections or create a new one

3) To publish a section, select the checkbox

4) And click Publish

5) To unpublish a section, select the box

6) And click Unpublish

Copying a section allows you to create a duplicate of the object to a different location

7) To copy, select the section

8) And click Copy

9) Type a name for the new section

Scroll right

10) Click Save

Now that the section has been copied to a new location, let's delete the old one

11) Select the checkbox

12) Click Delete

Now we will edit the new section

13) Click the checkbox next to the section

Scroll right

14) Click Edit

15) Make any necessary changes to the section

These options will be covered in more detail in the next step

16) Click Save

Let's create a whole new section now

Scroll right

17) Click New

The Scope shows the scope of this screen, which is content and cannot be changed

18) Enter a Title

The Alias is an internal name that Joomla uses in the URL if SEF is enabled

Entering an alias is optional; and, if left blank, Joomla will create a default one by automatically converting the title to lowercase and replacing any spaces with a hyphen

However, you may manually enter an alias, if desired

The Access Level allows you to set what users can access content in this section

Public allows anyone who visits your site to view the content. Registered allows only registered users access. Special allows only authors and higher

Scroll down

By default, Published is set to yes. If you don't want to publish this section just yet, you will need to change it to no

19) You can select an image that will be used for this section

You can upload your own images into the images/stories directory

The Image Position is used to place the image at the left or right of the page

20) Enter a Description for this section

Scroll up

21) Click Save

That's it! You now know how to use the Section Manager in Joomla