Parallels Small Business Panel series

1. How to create and manage roles

In this tutorial, we will learn about creating and managing user roles.

Using roles allows you to configure how much access each user has in your system.

Let's create a new role now.

1) Click the User Roles link here

2) Enter a name for the new role.

Privileges are what let you allow or deny access to each user group. By default, all privileges are set to Denied.

3) Let's change a few to Granted.

4) Click OK.

Our new role was created. Let's scroll down to view it in the list.

Here we can view a list of all the roles we've created...

...and the number of users in each role.

5) To edit a role, simply click on its name in the list.

6) Make any changes then click OK.

7) If you need to delete a role, select it...

8) ...and click Remove.

9) You will be asked to confirm deletion.

That's it! You now know how to create and manage user roles.