Tutorial Viewers (Display Options)

All DemoWolf clients (whether purchasers or subscribers) get complimentary access to a number of different display options, which can be applied to what we call "Tutorial Viewers". Tutorial Viewers integrate seemlessly into any website, and are completely customizable to match the look and feel of your website.

What's more, with our Tutorials Viewers you can login to your admin panel, and control which tutorials to display... any time!

Following is a list of the available Display Options, and examples of each. Most of these options can be combined with one another.

Flat Display Option


This option displays all Series and Demo titles on one page.
Paged Display Option


The Paged option puts the series titles on one page and then each series' demo list on its own page.
Accordion Display Option


A JavaScript powered display option. All series titles are displayed, and clicking one of the titles shows that series' demos.
Columns Display Option


You may wish to put the series / demo titles in columns. Here is an example of a Two-Column "Flat" layout.
Colorbox Display Option


Enabling this option causes all links to series lists and to demos to open in a JavaScript popup box instead of in a new window/tab.
Nested Colorbox Display Option

"Nested" Colorbox

Combining the Paged and Colorbox options gives you a Tutorial Viewer similar to our old "Nested Floatbox" display option.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to answer them.