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Although English is the primary language used for all our tutorials, many series are also available in other languages. Tutorials in Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek and Russian (to name but a few) are available, and can all be viewed from our Hosting Tutorials page.

Don't see the tutorials you want, in the language you want?

If you don't see the tutorials you want in your language, then we may still be able to provide you with what you need. If you are willing/able to translate our tutorials from English to your language, then we will provide you with the translated tutorials for the small fee of $50.00 per series. The only condition is that you allow us to resell the completed tutorials once you've done the translations, and we've created the new tutorials and integrated them into our systems.

Our Translators... YOU!

There is a lot of extra work required (on both our parts) to provide translated tutorials. For you, there is the time needed to translate the tutorials. For us, there is the time required to export the English text from the tutorials, provide them to you for translation, then import the new translated files back into a new series of tutorials. We also have to integrate the new tutorials into our systems (website, Tutorial Delivery System, database, etc).

How do you become a translator?

Simply identify the tutorials you want, then contact us to let us know which tutorials you want, and that you want to provide the translations for them. We will then look at the tutorials, make sure we don't already have someone translating them for us, and evaluate whether they are indeed worth translating to the language you want. We'll let you know within 24 hours.

What is the process?

If we decide to move forward with you as our translator for specific tutorials, here is how it will work. We will send you a ZIP file containing Word DOC files for each tutorial. There will be one (1) DOC file for each tutorial, and in it will be a table with two columns. The left column contains all the text from the tutorial in English, and the right column will be blank. We need you to put the translated text in the right column for all phrases within the tutorial, then save the DOC file.

Once you've done this for all tutorials, send the translated files back to us. We will then be able to import the new text into the tutorials, and save them as newly translated tutorials for your specific language. Then, we will create a copy of the new tutorials, branded with your logo, and send them to you as completed, custom-branded tutorials in the language you want.


Because of the extra work involved, providing translated tutorials takes longer than our typical 24 hour turn-around. We can typically provide you with the files for translation within 24 hours, but then the time it takes to actually translate them is up to you. Once we receive the translated files back from you, we can have your completed translated tutorials ready within 1-2 days.


The only way this service works, is if we reserve the right to resell the translated tutorials royalty free. That means, although you provided us with the initial translations for the tutorials, we retain all ownership of the translated tutorials and translation files once you've completed the translations for us. We will then make the translated tutorials available on our website for the same price as their English counterparts, to anyone who wants to buy them. You retain ownership only of the completed tutorials we provided you with, branded with your logo. If you do not want us to resell the tutorials with your translated text in them, then the fee is $250.00 per series instead of $50.00.

If you're interested in translating tutorials for us, please contact us and let us know which tutorials you want, and in what language. We will get right back to you.