WHMCS 4 Setup series (English)

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. WHMCS handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning & management. Following is a complete list of all tutorials you'll get when you purchase this series. Click on a tutorial title to watch it now!

Tutorials are available in 3 formats: Flash (SWF), HTML5 Video (MP4 & WebM) and Text. Click the links below to view samples with our logo (your logo will replace ours when you purchase).

  • Tutorials in Series: 22
  • Language: English
  • Category: Billing Software
1.How to download and install WHMCS
2.How to further secure your WHMCS installation
3.How to set up the WHMCS cron job using cPanel
4.How to log in to and become familiar with the WHMCS admin area
5.How to change your account settings in WHMCS
6.How to manage administrators in WHMCS
7.How to configure general settings in WHMCS
8.How to configure automation settings in WHMCS
9.How to set up your payment gateways for use with WHMCS
10.How to customize currencies in WHMCS
11.How to specify tax rules with WHMCS
12.How to set up fraud protection in WHMCS
13.How to manage servers in WHMCS
14.How to set up your products and services in WHMCS
15.How to add promotions and coupons in WHMCS
16.How to set up domain pricing and registrars in WHMCS
17.How to import cPanel/WHM domains into WHMCS
18.How to set up your support departments in WHMCS
19.How to forward client e-mails to the WHMCS support desk
20.How to customize the e-mail templates used by WHMCS
21.How to manage security questions in WHMCS
22.How to enable database backups in WHMCS