Joomla New Extensions series (VOICE, English)

Joomla is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) and application framework that powers 2.7% of the entire web. Following is a complete list of all tutorials you'll get when you purchase this series. These are "voice" tutorials, which means we've added professional audio narration to the tutorials. Click on a tutorial title to watch it now!

Tutorials are available in 3 formats: Flash (SWF), HTML5 Video (MP4 & WebM) and Text. Click the links below to view samples with our logo (your logo will replace ours when you purchase).

  • Tutorials in Series: 18
  • Language: English
  • Category: CMS Software
1.How to find extensions to install in Joomla
2.How to install and uninstall extensions in Joomla
3.How to manage plugins in Joomla
4.How to manage templates in Joomla
5.How to manage languages in Joomla
6.How to change your site's logo in Joomla
7.How to customize the default template in Joomla
8.How to translate a language using the Translations Manager in Joomla
9.How to add contact forms to your Joomla site with Rapid Contact
10.How to display Joomla modules conditionally using MetaMod
11.How to add the Agora forum system to your Joomla site
12.How to bridge phpBB3 with Joomla
13.How to accept PayPal donations on your Joomla site
14.How to add Google Maps to Joomla
15.How to enable article attachments in Joomla
16.How to set up Phoca Download, a Download Manager for Joomla
17.How to set up JoomGallery, a Photo Gallery for Joomla
18.How to add a calendar to your Joomla site using JEvents