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Video Tutorial Logos

Every DemoWolf tutorial is custom branded for your business. We do this by placing your corporate identity - your logo - at the beginning and at the end of every Flash or video tutorial.

After placing your tutorial order, you'll have to upload your logo to your DemoWolf account. You'll then be able to preview your logo in a tutorial to make sure you like the way it looks. If all looks good, you can then click to generate your tutorials. Our system then takes over, and automatically brands all your purchased tutorials with your logo. You'll be notified when your new tutorials are ready for download... which in most cases takes less than 1 hour.

Your logo must follow these guidelines:

  • Maximum dimensions are 725px wide X 280px high (logo will be automatically centered)
  • Must be PNG, GIF or JPG format
  • Transparent PNG format provides best results

Company Name and/or URL

It is important that your company name and/or URL be clearly shown in your logo. If it is not, then you should add your company name (or URL) below your logo. We do not allow our tutorials to be white-label or un-branded.

I've got my logo ready... now what?

Once your logo is ready, and assuming you've already placed your order, login to the Client Area and then upload your logo in the "My Logos" section. You'll then be able to generate and download your new custom-branded tutorials.

Article Watermarks

When you purchase DemoWolf's tutorials in Article format (formerly known as Text/Image tutorials), they will also be branded for your business, but in a slightly different way.

Article format tutorials are branded by placing a watermark image of your logo in every image that accompanies your Article tutorials. If you're purchasing tutorials in a video format and the article format, you can either use the same logo image for both, or upload a different logo image for your Article tutorials... it's up to you.

You also have complete control over how your watermark logo appears. By creating what we call an Image Preset, you can set the position, size, and opacity of your watermark logo, and you can preview what it will look like before generating your Article tutorials.

All this can be done from your DemoWolf Client Area.