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Subscription Plans

There are two ways to get DemoWolf hosting tutorials - branded with your logo - on your website. You can either BUY them by paying a one-time fee, or you can SUBSCRIBE to our service for a much lower, although monthly rate.

Following are the available subscription plans:

PlanPrice for Non-VoicePrice for Voice
Any 1 Tutorial Series$9.95/month$14.95/month
Any 5 Tutorial Series$19.95/month$29.95/month
Any 10 Tutorial Series$29.95/month$44.95/month
ALL (200+) Tutorial Series$49.95/month$74.95/month

What tutorials are available for subscription? How do I order?
All tutorials listed on our Hosting Tutorials page are available for subscription. To subscribe, you can either click one of the above "Sign Up Now" buttons, or go to our Hosting Tutorials page, browse through our tutorials, even select which tutorial series you want, and then click the "Subscribe Now" button in the Cart Summary section of that page. After selecting your tutorials, the cart will suggest the most appropriate subscription plan for you.

You can also click the "Order" option on the Client Area page and select which subscription plan you want from there.

Buy or Subscribe?

Every tutorial is branded with your company logo in the first and last frame of the tutorial. YES YES
Tutorials will be displayed on your website, viewable by your customers. YES YES
Access to Client Area control panel to manage your tutorials. YES YES
Upload your own logo. YES YES
Generate a sample tutorial with your logo to see how it will look before generating all of them. YES YES
Generate your own branded tutorials. YES YES
Choose from among several "Display Options" for displaying tutorials on your website, at no extra cost. YES YES
Change your Tutorial Viewer at any time, from the Client Area control panel, at no extra cost. YES YES
Option to choose NO display option and integrate the tutorials into your website yourself. YES YES
You subscribe to the tutorials service, and can show them on your website for as long as you remain a subscriber. - YES
You can update/change the logo that displays in your tutorials for FREE at any time. - YES
You can change which tutorial series you display on your website at any time, for FREE. - YES
FREE tutorial upgrades and updates. - YES
Ability to put newly released tutorials on your website (branded with your logo) as soon as they become available. - YES
Track how many views each of your tutorials receives from the Client Area control panel. - YES
7-Day Free Trial - YES
You own the tutorials, and are free to show them on your website for as long as you want. YES -
Payment type One-time purchase Recurring payments

When you BUY our hosting tutorials, we will brand them with your logo, one time, and then you are the owner of the tutorials. You are free to display them on your website however you like. If you ever want to update them with newer updated versions... or perhaps the control panel you offer has a new version available and you want the newer updated tutorials... or maybe you've updated your logo and want your tutorials redone with the new logo... in all these cases you would have to buy the tutorials again. If you're buying a newer version of tutorials you already bought, then you can get a 50% off coupon from us. The same applies if you want them redone with a new logo, and even if you want them for another company/brand of yours... you can buy them again for 50% off.

When you SUBSCRIBE to our service, we will also brand them with your logo, and you will get unlimited free upgrades, updates and logo changes for as long as you remain a subscriber. In addition, our subscription plans are such that you can even change which series' you display on your website... and everything is either automatic, or can be changed by you from our Client Area control panel. There are never any additional costs for subscribers... unless of course they wish to upgrade to a larger subscription plan.

An additional benefit to subscribers over purchasers is that there is no "waiting for approval" for new logo uploads.