About Us

DemoWolf is a privately owned company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our goal is to provide the most extensive and most up-to-date library of support tutorials for the web hosting industry, to help hosting companies provide timelier, better support to their customers, and at the same time significantly reduce their support costs.

Hosting companies can have tutorials available to their customers through their website, branded with their company logo.

With thousands of ready-made tutorials available to hosting companies, we continue to develop new tutorial series all the time. We also produce custom tutorials for companies with broader requirements.

July 2014 - New Tutorial Delivery System

In July 2014 We launched a brand new system for delivering tutorials to hosting clients called the HTML5-HD Tutorial Delivery System. With this new system, the way in which hosting clients receive their tutorials, and the formats in which they can get their branded tutorials in has completely changed. All tutorials are available in multiple formats including Flash, Video (MP4 or WebM for HTML5 compliancy) and Articles. The Flash and Video options are also available in non-voice or voice-audio narration formats... and the video formats are available in 720p HD as well as 480p standard definition.

Hosting companies can also choose to purchase their tutorials as they always have in the past, or they can choose to subscribe to the service for a significantly lower monthly rate. What's more, is our system allows subscribers to upload their own logo, choose from among several quality "Tutorial Viewers", select which tutorials to display on their website, and make changes to any or all of these settings at any time... all from a new "Client Area" control panel.

We hope you take this opportunity to browse our website, and sample the quality of our tutorials. All tutorials are available for preview in full. If there are tutorials you think we should offer but you can't find them on our website, please let us know.