July 4, 2012

DemoWolf – We’re hiring!

Company News | Written By Rob
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Join the DemoWolf team!

DemoWolf is the producer of video support tutorials for web hosting companies… by far the largest such company in the industry. In business since 2005, DemoWolf has grown their library to over 5,500 hosting related tutorials, including voice tutorials and tutorials in other languages.


DemoWolf is looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to help expand and update their video library. About half of DemoWolf’s business comes from selling ready-made tutorials that are re-branded for hosting companies, while the other half comes from producing custom tutorials for clients who want tutorials for their own custom applications, or when the standard tutorials just won’t do the job for them and they want something more custom.

We’re looking for two or three individuals who will work on their own time to help produce tutorials using DemoBuilder 8.2, a screen-capture software tool. You can download a free trial of DemoBuilder from www.demo-builder.com to play around with it and have a look. We will provide training in using DemoBuilder, and guidelines to follow when producing tutorials. We will also provide the necessary access to software and/or websites needed to produce the tutorials.

– You’re self-motivated; able to work on your own.
– You’re willing/able to work at least 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.
– You have an excellent command of the English language.
– You have experience in the web hosting industry in some capacity.
– You have experience and knowledge with common web hosting applications. This may include applications like control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, Helm, H-Sphere, Ensim, etc), Content Management Systems (i.e. Joomla, WordPress, etc), shopping cart systems (PinnacleCart, ZenCart, etc), website builders, etc, etc.
– Experience with DemoBuilder 8.2 is an asset, but not necessary (easy to learn, if you’re good with computers)

Job Description:
Our immediate needs are for individuals to produce tutorial “series” for products and applications. A series may include anywhere from 10 to 30 separate 2-3 minute tutorials. You will use DemoBuilder 8.2 to do this, and you will produce tutorials per our instructions. We will provide you with a copy of DemoBuilder if you are hired for the job.

Future Growth:
There will be other opportunities in Sales and Order Fulfillment if interested.

You can earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 (US Dollars) or more per week, depending on your work output. The more tutorials you produce for us, the more we’ll pay you. Plus you’ll find that as you get more proficient with DemoBuilder, you’ll be able to work faster and thus earn faster. Exact details on compensation will be provided to those interested, if you meet the above criteria.

What we need from you:
If interested, please send your electronic resume to info[at]demowolf.com, and include details of your qualifications. Tell us why you’re the right person for this job!

For more information about DemoWolf, go to www.demowolf.com

Let me know if you have any questions.


Rob Moore


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Rob Moore, P.Eng, MBA
Founder of DemoWolf.com - Providing custom branded video support tutorials to web hosts since 2005.
Founder of iDemos.com - Custom quality video tutorials for any website or application.
Rob founded DemoWolf after selling his own web hosting company in 2005, and has been helping other web hosts provide better support to their hosting clients with video support tutorials ever since. In 2013 Rob founded iDemos to address the website video production needs of virtually any business, not just the hosting industry. Rob's direct email: info@demowolf.com or rob@idemos.com