June 21, 2012

DemoWolf is getting Social!

Company News | Written By Rob
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Good day from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada…

Well it doesn’t look like Facebook or Twitter are going anywhere anytime soon… so I thought it was high time DemoWolf embraced these and other social technologies, no matter how hard it might be for a 40-something guy like myself to learn.

I’ve been using Facebook personally for a few years now, and I get how that works. Family pics, “what are you doing now” updates, etc… it’s all very happy and nice. From a business perspective though, I haven’t done much with DemoWolf on Facebook… save for the “Facebook page” I created (and in the 2 or so years it’s been there, attracted a whopping 46 “Likes”).

As for Twitter, I do not use it personally but have been “trying” to use it for DemoWolf… and have managed (a respectable?) 230 followers. You may have seen some of my @demowolf tweets… and probably asked yourself, “What the hell are these guys doing”. I know, it’s fairly obvious I don’t quite get it yet… misplaced hashtags and @ signs, links to nowhere and probably too much self promotion… but I’m trying.

Gone are the days when computer and internet stuff just came naturally to me… and I think it happened somewhere between age 35 and 40… but learning these new technologies is somewhat of a chore to me, much like changing diapers and driving kids to soccer and baseball is likely foreign to many of you under-25ers… but I digress.

Why am I telling you all this? Call it an apology of sorts for my early tweets and Facebook page updates. But I think I’m getting it now. In the coming weeks you’ll notice an increased reliance on social media (especially Twitter and Facebook) by DemoWolf, as I aim to open the lines of communication between you our clients, prospective clients, and ourselves. For starters, check out our new slightly re-designed home page at
http://www.demowolf.com (yeah, shameless self-promotion)

We now have Like, Follow, Google+1 and LinkedIn buttons in our header, plus the live Twitter and Facebook widgets down the right side of our page. We want you to “join the conversation” and tell us what you like about DemoWolf, what you don’t like, and what we could be doing better! Some ideas we have for making good use of social media are:

– Getting our clients to share their tutorial integrations;
– Offering special offers to those who “Like” and/or “Follow” us;
– Contests for those who Tweet about us and participate in Facebook conversations.

and probably most importantly…

– Using social media to find out what tutorials you like best, and what other tutorials you think we should be producing.

Lots of you already know the value in having video support tutorials available to your customers… but there are so many more that don’t know about us. Hopefully this renewed committment to social media will help get the word out there about what DemoWolf does, and also help guide us in producing more of the tutorials you want from us. If not, well then I’ll have learned more about Facebook and Twitter… and learning is always good… no matter how fast or slow 😉

Thanks for listening!

and… start the conversation!
(Like or Follow us using the links at the top of our home page www.demowolf.com)

Suggested Twitter hashtags:
#dwnew – use to suggest new tutorial series we should produce
#dwupdate – use to suggest existing tutorial series we should update
#dwmine – use to show off your demowolf tutorials

P.S. Feel free to tell us if there’s a better way we should be using Twitter and Facebook, and if there’s anything we’re doing wrong… and/all suggestions are welcome!

As always, Happy Hosting :)


Rob Moore

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Rob Moore, P.Eng, MBA
Founder of DemoWolf.com - Providing custom branded video support tutorials to web hosts since 2005.
Founder of iDemos.com - Custom quality video tutorials for any website or application.
Rob founded DemoWolf after selling his own web hosting company in 2005, and has been helping other web hosts provide better support to their hosting clients with video support tutorials ever since. In 2013 Rob founded iDemos to address the website video production needs of virtually any business, not just the hosting industry. Rob's direct email: info@demowolf.com or rob@idemos.com