cPanel Bootcamp Conference – Austin, TX – Oct 11-12, 2011

This week DemoWolf is exhibiting at the cPanel bootcamp conference in Austin, Texas. This is our first cPanel bootcamp, but since cPanel happens to be one of our most popular tutorial series, we thought it would be a great opportunity to showecase our tutorials and our abilities at their conference.

Over the last several months there have been several big announcements here at DemoWolf…

Acquisition of competitor DemoDemo
Last month DemoWolf acquired their long-time rival and competitor DemoDemo. Before the acquisition DemoWolf and DemoDemo were #1 and #2 in the hosting tutorial industry… both being very well known among web hosts. Since the acquisition, DemoWolf has become essentially the only provider of rebrandable hosting tutorials, helping thousands of hosting companies worldwide in drastically reducing their support costs.

Addition of Video and Text-based tutorials
Two months ago at the HostingCon conference in San Diego, California, DemoWolf announced that all their 5,000+ tutorials are now available in two additional formats… Video (MP4) and Text (with Images). Prior to the announcement DemoWolf had been focusing solely on Flash-based (SWF) tutorials, but with the increasing desire to provide tutorials in a YouTube channel, a version supported by the iPad (or other devices that do not support Flash) or in a text version for inclusion in a knowledgebase, we felt it necessary to expand our product offering to meet this demand. Now all 5,000+ tutorials are available in all three formats, all of which will be provided with the web host’s logo branded in the tutorials. The logo will be shown in the opening and closing frames of both the Flash and Video formats, and as a watermark in all images within the Text/Image format.

Increased Automation
What people still may not know is that when hosting companies order tutorials from DemoWolf, the system we’ve developed that brands the tutorials with the hosts logo is fully automated. Once an order is placed, the host is required to upload their logo to their DemoWolf account. After a few clicks, the host will then be presented with a link to download their newly ordered tutorials, fully branded with their logo. This process takes only minutes for Flash and Text-based formats, and a little longer for Video formats (sometimes several hours depending on the number of tutorials ordered).

Now that our system is fully automated and we’re able to provide tutorials in multiple formats, we are turning our focus back to developing partnerships with companies who provide hosting services. It’s never been easier to become a DemoWolf Partner, thus allowing you to provide our services directly to your clients, for a fraction of the cost. If you sell to hosting companies, you need to check out our Partner Program. Once setup, you just tell us who to set up with their own tutorials, and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t wait any longer… become a DemoWolf Partner today!

It wouldn’t be right to exhibit at a conference and not have a special or sale! Therefore, all this week we are reducing the deposit requirement for becoming a DemoWolf Partner by 50%. For example, our Bronze Partner Plan typically requires a deposit of $1,000 into your Partner Account. This week only, that requirement is being reduced to $500, and the same 50% reduction is available for the Silver and Gold Partner Plans. It is this balance that is used to pay for any tutorials you ask us to provide to your clients, albeit at the Partnership-reduced rate of up to 80% off. All Partners will be listed on our Partners page with a logo, company description and link back to your website, and Gold Partners will also have a link from our home page. Anyone in the hosting industry can apply… so become a DemoWolf Parter Today, and start offering branded tutorials to your clients!

So if you happen to be in Austin this week, come check out the cPanel Conference at the Sheraton Austin Hotel. We’ll be exhibiting our latest cPanel, Enkompass and Social Media tutorials in booth 31 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and would love to meet you!

Your friend in hosting,

Rob Moore