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As you may or may not know, we’re completely redesigning the tutorials we offer, the way we offer them, and the formats in which they’ll be available. Soon, all our tutorials will be available in HTML5 supported formats MP4 and WebM, both in 720p HD and SD versions, as well as Flash (SWF) and Text formats. To help us prepare, we’re asking you, the web hosting community, for help in identifying what topics you’d like to see us offer our tutorials for.

Please take the time to complete this short survey, and help us identify what tutorials we should produce. We’re not asking for any personal information… not even a name or email address. Simply put a check box in all the tutorial topics you’d like to see us offer, and send it in!

Here’s a link to the survey:

Thank you for your time!


Rob Moore
DemoWolf – Founder/President

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Join the DemoWolf Team! – Tutorial Developers wanted

At DemoWolf, we produce video support tutorials for web hosting companies… by far the largest such company in the industry. In business since 2005, we’ve grown the DemoWolf library to over 6,000 hosting related tutorials, including voice tutorials and tutorials in other languages.

DemoWolf is looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to help expand and update their video library. Most of our business comes from selling ready-made tutorials that are re-branded for hosting companies, while a smaller portion comes from producing custom tutorials for clients who want tutorials for their own custom applications or website.

We’re looking for one or two individuals who will work on their own time to help produce tutorials using DemoBuilder, a screen-capture software tool. You can download a free trial of DemoBuilder from to play around with it and have a look. We will provide training in using DemoBuilder, and guidelines to follow when producing tutorials. We will also provide the necessary access to software and/or websites needed to produce the tutorials.

One of our challenges is in figuring out what new tutorials we should be creating for the hosting industry. We’re looking for someone who has a vast knowledge in current and trending hosting applications. We will look to your expertise and will want your suggestions as to what hosting tutorials you think the hosting industry needs from us.

The ideal candidate is someone who is self-employed, perhaps with their own hosting company, and has the free time to produce tutorials for us.

- You’re self-motivated; able to work on your own.
- You have an excellent command of the English language; It is incredibly important that your English grammar skills are excellent, as such English is likely your first language.
- You have experience in the web hosting industry in some capacity.
- You have experience and knowledge with common web hosting applications. This may include applications like control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, Helm, H-Sphere, Ensim, etc), Content Management Systems (i.e. Joomla, WordPress, etc), shopping cart systems (PinnacleCart, ZenCart, etc), website builders, etc, etc.
- You are forward thinking, and can help identify areas we may be lacking in our tutorial library.
- Experience with DemoBuilder 8.2 is an asset, but not necessary (easy to learn, if you’re good with computers)

Job Description:
Our immediate needs are for individuals to produce tutorial “series” for products and applications. A series may include anywhere from 10 to 30 separate 2-3 minute tutorials. You will use DemoBuilder 8.2 to do this, and you will produce tutorials per our instructions. We will provide you with a copy of DemoBuilder if you are hired for the job.

Future Growth:
There will be other opportunities in Sales and Order Fulfillment if interested.

You can earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 (US Dollars) or more per week, depending on your work output. The more tutorials you produce for us, the more we’ll pay you. Plus you’ll find that as you get more proficient with DemoBuilder, you’ll be able to work faster and thus earn faster. Exact details on compensation will be provided to those interested, if you meet the above criteria.

What we need from you:
If interested, please send your electronic resume to info[at], and include details of your qualifications. Tell us why you’re the right person for this job!

For more information about DemoWolf, go to

Let me know if you have any questions.


Rob Moore – Founder/President

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Update from DemoWolf

Greetings from DemoWolf! I hope everyone’s working as hard as ever, and business is good… but you’re still finding time to enjoy family and fun this summer! I wanted to send out this email to bring everyone up to date on the goings-on here at DemoWolf… what’s going on right now, and what we’re working on for the near future.

Tutorial Subscriptions
As many of you already know, our tutorial subscription service is a low-cost alternative to buying your own branded tutorials for your hosting business. Subscription plans range from $9.95/month for any 1 tutorial series (your choice), up to $74.95/month for all 320+ series including 6,100+ individual tutorials… and all voice versions. See pricing plans here.

We are working on some exciting new features that will be available to all subscribers (more on that below), but for now we’ve decided to offer a significant discount to attract new subscribers… an offer that existing subscribers can take advantage of too. For a limited time, all new subscribers can sign up to our largest all-inclusive plan for just $1.00 for the first month. This will allow you to get setup and gives you ample time to properly evaluate whether or not our service is right for you. After your first month, your recurring monthly rate will only be $49.95 instead of the current $74.95/month… a perpetual savings of $25.00/month, or 35% off… for as long as you remain a subscriber.

Existing subscribers who are on one of our smaller plans, this is your opportunity to upgrade to our largest plan and get access to all our tutorials for just $49.95/month. To upgrade, simply respond to this email with your account details, and we’ll get you setup :)

Click here to get started:

For new subscribers: Proceed as if you were ordering our “All 200 Tutorial series” plan (note there are actually over 320 series now), but DO NOT select the “add voice” option… we will add that for you for free. Then click the “Checkout Button”… even though it says $49.95/month. You will then enter Promotional Code ALLDEMOS which will reduce the price of your first month to $1.00. Submit your order. We will then alter your order to also include all voice versions of tutorials so you get access to everything. You’ll then have 1 month to evaluate our service before the reduced $49.95 monthly rate is applied.

You can cancel at any time too… no need for notice! Your only risk is $1.00.

For existing subscribers: If you are an existing subscriber and wish to upgrade to our largest plan for $49.95/month (instead of $74.95), just reply to this email with your account information (name and email address will do) and we’ll get you setup. Sorry, but our $1.00 first month promotion is only available to new subscribers.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email with instructions on logging in, getting setup and you’ll simply be able to click to add all the tutorial series you want. Don’t forget to upload your logo so all tutorials will be branded for your business. You’ll even be able to track how many visitors your tutorials are receiving! Let me know if you have any questions.

What’s New – What’s Coming?
So what are the new features we’re working on for subscribers? Until now, all tutorials available through our subscription plans have only been available in Flash-SWF format. To get our YouTube-ready MP4 video tutorials required that you purchased them. This is about to change, as we make our move towards full HTML5 compatibility. When this new feature is ready, all subscription tutorials will be viewable from virtually any device… all browsers, all devices including iOS, smartphones, etc. This feature isn’t quite ready yet… we’re still about 4-6 weeks away. But once it’s ready, the $25 monthly savings we’re offering right now will no longer be available.

New Custom Video Service
Our new custom video service is almost ready for launch. We’ve had a few delays over the last 4 weeks, but I promise when we’re ready the wait will have been worth it. Give us probably 2 more weeks to make the official launch announcement, but until then, if you have any custom video/tutorial requirements, we’d love to hear from you and tell you what we can do for you. The quality of custom videos and demonstrations we can now offer is much improved, and you or your company can be one of the first to take advantage of this… and therefore showcased on our website. So contact me today for a free consultation/quote, and let me know what you’re looking for.

Show Us Your Tutorials
We’d like to see how you’ve implemented our tutorials into your website and support system! If interested in being showcased on our website, on our Facebook page, through Twitter or in future emails, let me know! We want to show possible future clients just what they can do with our tutorial service… and give you some free exposure at the same time :)

Purchase Special
Of course there are many who still wish to purchase their branded tutorials instead of signing up for our subscription service… and that’s fine! If this is you, then you can still save 40% off our purchase prices if you order now. Just use coupon code SUMMER40 to get the discount.

Thank you all for your continued support, and do let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


Rob Moore

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New Toll Free Phone Numbers for USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

We now have a new phone system setup for taking calls and answering your questions. This new system includes toll free numbers for USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. You can now call us toll free from any of these countries, and we will add more countries as demand in those countries grows. Our new contact numbers are as follows:

Toll Free (USA/Canada): 1-866-235-4807
Toll Free (United Kingdom): 0-808-189-1227
Toll Free (Australia): 1-800-768-136
Local Phone: 1-902-812-1024
Local Fax: 1-902-812-1016


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Press Release: DemoWolf announces “Custom Tutorial Center”

(Halifax, NS, Canada) After several months of development and testing, DemoWolf is announcing the availability of a new tool, the “Custom Tutorial Center”.

The Custom Tutorial Center is designed to streamline the process of having custom tutorials produced for online businesses. Clients can use the Custom Tutorial Center to upload the content they want in their custom tutorials, which may include scripts, background images, scenes, special instructions and even sound clips. Clients can upload as much or as little information as they want, for example, they do not have to upload background images if their instructions instead provide us with URLs to record the screenshots ourselves.

At the heart of the Custom Tutorial Center is the “Scene Editor”. Tutorials are made up of different “scenes” and clients can define what is to be displayed in each scene using the scene editor. Add and organize notes, upload images, and provide additional instructions like where to show clicking, typing or what areas to highlight. All these can be done for every scene, and you can add or remove as many scenes as you want for each tutorial.

“We are extremely excited to finally roll out the new Custom Tutorial Center”, says Rob Moore, founder and president of DemoWolf. “By using this new tool, clients will be able to have DemoWolf produce custom tutorials for them at a fraction of the cost as in the past. Now you can have a custom tutorial in Flash or Video format produced for less than $100 instead of $400 or $500. These savings are huge, especially if you’re wanting several custom tutorials.”

The Custom Tutorial Center will basically allow clients to almost build their tutorials themselves, and when ready, submit them for final production by DemoWolf Tutorial Developers.

The ultimate goal of developing the Custom Tutorial Center was to provide DemoWolf clients with a less expensive option in developing custom tutorials. By using this new tool to pre-populate much of the content and deliver instructions to DemoWolf in this streamlined and consistent manner, the costs of production will be reduced significantly… savings which are being passed on to the client.

Existing clients can start using the Custom Tutorial Center immediately by logging into their existing DemoWolf account. New clients will have to sign up for a DemoWolf account first (which is free to do)… instructions for which are included on their website. Once logged in, clients can immediately start building out their tutorials using the scene editor, and organizing multiple tutorials in “Jobs”.

For more information, go to

DemoWolf is a Nova Scotia, Canada based internet company, having been in business since 2005. DemoWolf provides ready-made rebrandable tutorials for the web hosting industry, and is also a production house for custom tutorials for any industry. For more information, go to, or contact DemoWolf directly either by email, live chat or telephone.


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An Overview of the Scene Editor

At the heart of our new Custom Tutorial Center is the Scene Editor. You don’t have to use the Scene Editor at all; if you simply want to provide us a basic outline of your tutorials, we can work with that. But, if you’d like to lower the final cost of your tutorials, you can use the Scene Editor to provide detailed instructions and even screenshots which we can copy and paste into your tutorials. (Remember: The more information you can provide us, the lower your costs will be.)

This article is just an overview of the main features of the Scene Editor, and not meant to be a thorough guide. Any unanswered questions? Let us know in a ticket!

Once you’ve created a new tutorial in the Custom Tutorial Center, you’ll see a blue button next to the tutorial leading to the Scene Editor.

The first time you access the Custom Tutorial Center, you will be presented with a Sample Job and Tutorial. We felt this would be the quickest way to show you what can be done in the Scene Editor; when you no longer need the sample job/tutorial, feel free to delete them.

Tutorials are split up into scenes, which typically show how to do one specific thing in your tutorial (such as entering a username). You have two options for creating new scenes in the Scene Editor:

1) Upload all the screenshots at once using the black Autocreate Scenes from Screenshots button. (Obviously this assumes that you will be providing us the screenshots, rather than having us capture them for you.) One new scene will be created for every screenshot you upload.

2) Create scenes one at a time using the large New Scene button in the timeline, and optionally upload the screenshots as attachments (as described below).

Once you have some scenes in your timeline, double-click on a scene’s thumbnail to edit that scene. For every scene, you can add a New Note or New Comment using the green buttons. Notes are instructions meant to actually show up in your scene, whereas Comments are your instructions to DemoWolf and will not be displayed in the scene. Once you’ve added multiple notes or comments to your scene, arrows will appear allowing you to rearrange them. You’ll also notice an X at the top right corner of the notes/comments, which is what you’d use to delete them.

Other noteworthy buttons that appear in the scene editor when editing a scene include:

  • Upload Attachments, which allows you to upload several files at once… files you’ll want us to use when creating your tutorial. Acceptable formats are listed in the attachment uploader, but in general include any common image format as well as MP3 audio files.
  • Set Background Image: For choosing a background image or screenshot for the scene from the attachments you’ve already uploaded.
  • Delete Scene: Self-explanatory, and permanent.

You can also give each scene a title using the field at the top of the scene editor, but this is not required and is really just for your benefit.

To move a scene around in the timeline, click its thumbnail and drag it where you want it to be. You can also move a scene to the trash by selecting the scene in the timeline then pressing the Delete key (or one of the delete buttons at the top of the screen). Also, you might want to check out the Helpful Tips link at the top of the Scene Editor for a few tips to make reordering and deleting scenes go faster.

When finished with a tutorial, you should click the blue Mark as Ready button at the top of the Scene Editor. This will help you keep track of which tutorials are ready for us and which you still need to enter into the system.

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Getting Started with the Custom Tutorial Center

Available to all registered DemoWolf clients to try out in our Client Area, the Custom Tutorial Center was designed to streamline the process of having custom tutorials produced by DemoWolf.  To access the Custom Tutorial Center, you will first need to be registered in our Client Area and logged in. You can register via this link.

Once logged in, the Custom Tutorial Center is accessible here.

Custom Tutorials are split up into  jobs. Each job can have any number of tutorials. All the custom jobs and tutorials you have us produce from now on will be listed in the Custom Tutorial Center. Which features of the Custom Tutorial Center you’ll use depends upon whether you want to provide us a basic outline of your tutorials, or want to be more involved and provide detailed instructions and even screenshots which we can copy and paste into your tutorials. (This will also affect your costs: The more information you can provide us, the lower your costs will be.)

At any time, you can create a new Job or Tutorial by clicking the Create a new Custom Tutorial button. Fill out the form with the tutorial’s title and description, and choose whether to assign the tutorial to an existing job or create a new one. Each custom job also has a title and a description, which you can edit using its Edit button. You can also set which if your Logos to use for the custom job, if any.

The first time you access the Custom Tutorial Center, you will be presented with a Sample Job and Tutorial. We felt this would be the quickest way to show you what can be done in the Scene Editor; when you no longer need the sample job/tutorial, feel free to delete them. If you’d like instructions in addition to the sample, check out the article titled An Overview of the Scene Editor.

When you’ve finished providing all the information and files you want to give us, let us know your custom job is ready to be produced by clicking the Lock & Submit for Quote button. We will then provide you with a quote for the job, and a link to pay a small deposit should you decide to proceed with the job. We will also provide you with a delivery estimate.

We will update the status of the tutorials as we produce them, so you can always have a good idea where we are in the production process. Once we’ve completed the first draft of a tutorial, you will notice a Preview button appear next to the tutorial. This will enable you to see the tutorial draft so you can give us your feedback.

Once a custom job is all finished and you’ve paid for it, you will see a Download link appear next to its title.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We hope the new Custom Tutorial Center and integrated Scene Editor will greatly increase our custom  production efficiencies, as well as provide you with the most cost-effective way to get custom tutorials on your website!

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Announcing the Custom Tutorial Center

After many weeks of hard work and internal testing, today we are finally ready to announce our new Custom Tutorial Center.

Available to all registered DemoWolf clients to try out in our Client Area, here, the Custom Tutorial Center was designed to streamline the process of having custom tutorials made by DemoWolf. At the focal point of this idea is the Scene Editor, a new tool that can be used to provide us with all the notes and instructions we need for to create your custom tutorials.

We even have a way for you to upload the screenshots we’ll need on your own, which will cut our production times & costs, a savings we will gladly pass back to you :-)

The more information you can provide us, the lower your costs will be.

Want to learn more? Check out these accompanying articles:

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WHMCS Integration: Logged-In Users Only

If you only want users that have logged into WHMCS to be able to view your tutorials, you’ll need to make some minor modifications to the dw-tutorials.php file (or whatever you now call it).

Change this code…
initialiseClientArea($pagetitle, $pageicon, $breadcrumbnav);

$templatefile = "dw-tutorials";
$smartyvalues["dw_content"] = $dw_content;
$smartyvalues["dw_head"] = $dw_head;


…To this:
initialiseClientArea($pagetitle, $pageicon, $breadcrumbnav);

if (!empty($_SESSION['uid']) || !empty($_SESSION['adminid'])) {
  $templatefile = "dw-tutorials";
  $smartyvalues["dw_content"] = $dw_content;
  $smartyvalues["dw_head"] = $dw_head;
} else {
  $templatefile = "login";
  $smartyvalues["goto"] = "?goto=dw-tutorials.php";


Make sure to replace ?goto=dw-tutorials.php with the correct name of dw-tutorials.php.

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PHP Integration GUIDE

If you have any experience whatsoever with PHP, you’ll find it a breeze to integrate our Tutorial Viewer script with your website after you’ve read this article. The Tutorial Viewer script is free for all DemoWolf customers, whether they subscribe to their tutorials or purchase them outright, and PHP Integration is a feature of that script.

This article assumes you have already downloaded and extracted the latest Tutorial Viewer ZIP file, available in the My Subscriptions and My Purchases section of our Client Area. If you have not yet configured or downloaded your Tutorial Viewer and need help getting started, please see this article.

  1. Upload all the Tutorial Viewer files to a new folder on your server. For the purpose of these instructions, we’ll use /viewer/
  2. On your local computer, find the Tutorial Viewer files and navigate to the resources/integration/php/ folder.
    1. The file dw-tutorials.php is what you will upload to your main site directory. Use this file as a basis for creating one with your own site header and footer, and feel free to rename it to whatever you want.
      • There are two variables at the top of this file that you may need to edit: $uri_to_dw and $path_to_dw. If you have your Tutorial Viewer script uploaded anywhere other than a subdirectory of the your main site directory called viewer/, you WILL need to customize both of these variables.
      • There are three other variables in the file you should know about:
        • $dw_page_title contains the default title, or the title of whatever series or demo is being viewed. Put this in your site’s <title> element.
        • $dw_head contains the code to include all the necessary CSS and Javascript into your page. This variable should go at the very end of your <head> section.
        • $dw_content contains the list of tutorials. Put this in your <body>, inside your main page elements.
  3. After making any modifications to dw-tutorials.php, upload the file to the root directory of your site.

That’s it! Your Tutorial Viewer has now been integrated with your website!

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