DemoWolf Partners
May 07, 2015

Want 100s or 1,000s Of Video Tutorials? Become A DemoWolf Partner

Misc. Articles | Written By Rob

  DemoWolf Partnerships By far the most economical way to get 100s or even 1,000s of Video Tutorials from DemoWolf is to become a DemoWolf Partner. Even though our video tutorials are priced very low when compared to the cost of producing them yourself, we understand that if you want hundreds or even thousands of […]

DemoWolf Subscription Service
Apr 26, 2015

DemoWolf Hosting Videos Too Costly? Consider Subscribing

Misc. Articles | Written By Rob

At DemoWolf, we produce support video tutorials for hosting companies. Web hosts can buy our ready-made videos for use on their own websites, to help provide another means of support to their customers. When a web host buys our videos, they also have to upload their company logo, as when we provide the videos, they […]

Jul 21, 2014

Welcome to the new DemoWolf HD!

Company News | Written By Rob

After many months in development, we’re finally ready to unveil the new DemoWolf HD! This isn’t just a new website… far from it! We’ve completely redesigned the services we provide, the types and formats of tutorials we offer, and the way we offer them. But yes, our website has been redesigned… and you can check […]

Jul 21, 2014

Getting Started Guide (New system, July 2014)

Instructions/Guides | Written By Rob

Thank you for your recent purchase of DemoWolf tutorials! We’ve gone to great lengths to make getting your tutorials up and running on your website as quick and painless as possible. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll have your tutorials up and running in no time Step 1 – Go to “My Purchases” in Client Area […]

Apr 08, 2014

Tell us what you want

Company News | Written By Rob

Survey: As you may or may not know, we’re completely redesigning the tutorials we offer, the way we offer them, and the formats in which they’ll be available. Soon, all our tutorials will be available in HTML5 supported formats MP4 and WebM, both in 720p HD and SD versions, as well as Flash (SWF) and […]

Sep 30, 2013

Join the DemoWolf Team! – Tutorial Developers wanted

Company News | Written By Rob

At DemoWolf, we produce video support tutorials for web hosting companies… by far the largest such company in the industry. In business since 2005, we’ve grown the DemoWolf library to over 6,000 hosting related tutorials, including voice tutorials and tutorials in other languages. DemoWolf is looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to help expand and […]

Jul 29, 2013

Update from DemoWolf

Company News | Written By Rob

Greetings from DemoWolf! I hope everyone’s working as hard as ever, and business is good… but you’re still finding time to enjoy family and fun this summer! I wanted to send out this email to bring everyone up to date on the goings-on here at DemoWolf… what’s going on right now, and what we’re working […]

Nov 07, 2012

New Toll Free Phone Numbers for USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

Company News | Written By Rob

We now have a new phone system setup for taking calls and answering your questions. This new system includes toll free numbers for USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. You can now call us toll free from any of these countries, and we will add more countries as demand in those countries grows. Our […]

Sep 13, 2012

Press Release: DemoWolf announces “Custom Tutorial Center”

Company News | Written By Rob

(Halifax, NS, Canada) After several months of development and testing, DemoWolf is announcing the availability of a new tool, the “Custom Tutorial Center”. The Custom Tutorial Center is designed to streamline the process of having custom tutorials produced for online businesses. Clients can use the Custom Tutorial Center to upload the content they want in […]

Sep 11, 2012

An Overview of the Scene Editor

Misc. Articles | Written By Sean

At the heart of our new Custom Tutorial Center is the Scene Editor. You don’t have to use the Scene Editor at all; if you simply want to provide us a basic outline of your tutorials, we can work with that. But, if you’d like to lower the final cost of your tutorials, you can […]